Tums Chewy Bites Fast Cooling Sensation Antacid, Fruit Fusion, 28 Tablets


TUMS Chewy Fruit Bites Fruit Fusion Ultra Strength Cooling Sensation provide quick relief by neutralizing acid on contact, so you can forget about your heartburn and focus on the moments that matter. The active ingredient in Tums Fruit Chewable Heartburn Tablets is 1000 mg of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate provides relief from heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion, and an upset stomach associated with these symptoms. These tasty fruity chews feature a crisp outer shell and a soft center that deliver a powerful, cooling sensation with every bite. The calcium carbonate in TUMS Chewable Fruit Heartburn Tablets contains 40% elemental calcium, the highest form of calcium available. TUMS Heartburn Tablets have been fighting acid indigestion for 90 years. Today they’re America’s #1 antacid and the #1 physician, pharmacist, and OBGYN recommended heartburn medication. Pop this resealable bottle into your car for convenient relief the next time heartburn strikes.

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