FRUDIA Honey Lip Balm – Blueberry | Lip Exfoliating, Moisturizing & Volumizing Dewy Tinted Lip Balm


  • LIP PLUMPER. Achieve soft, and supple lips with our K Beauty Lip Care Blueberry Honey Lip Balm! The luxurious blend of Jeju Blueberry – high in Vitamins C & E, and Honey Extracts will provide optimal care to your lips and pamper your pout with hydration, leaving you with a gorgeous, youthful smile.
  • DEWY SMILE. This Korean lip balm honey chapstick deeply hydrates and exfoliates, thanks to its Vegetable Collagen ingredient. This key ingredient in this hydrating lip balm improves elasticity and firmness of the skin to help you avoid dry and cracked lips in the long-term to provide your lips with the rejuvenation it deserves!
  • SILKY LIP THERAPY SENSATION. Our luxurious lip balm for dry cracked lips has a thick and viscous texture that glides onto your lips to seal in moisture for a 48-hour Hydra-Lock effect. Enjoy an ultimate lip care routine pout with lips that will stay hydrated all day long with a radiant glow!
  • LUSCIOUS NATURAL LIP BALM. Our fruit flavored lip balm has a delicious hint of Blueberry flavor and offers a glossy shine finish. Infused with Blueberry and Honey Extracts, it acts as a natural lip repair for dry cracked lips by nourishing and keeping your delicate lips soft and smooth all day.
  • FRUITY HONEY BALM. This sheer colored lip balm is the ultimate solution for dry lips. Its jam -like texture deeply penetrates to provide intense lip hydration that lasts all day. The sweet and mildly sour fragrance of Blueberry in this lip plumping & moisturizing lip balm will refresh your mood!

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