eos FlavorLab Paradise Lip Balm – Mango Dragonfruit & Passionfruit Agave | Long-Lasting Hydration | Lip Care for Dry Lips | 2 Pack, Pink 0.14 Ounce


Current mood: Taking a long cozy nap in a hammock under rays of warm sunlight. See you soon! Xoxo Wish you were here in #EOSFLAVORLAB Paradise enjoying tropical vibes and delicious flavors. You’ll want to share the beach in a balm with special tropical postcards! Mango Dragonfruit tastes like chilled mango sangria with tropical dragonfruit while Passionfruit Agave tastes like pink passionfruit punch blended with sparkling tangelo.Our Mango Dragonfruit and Passionfruit Agave lip balm sticks are travel essentials! eos lip balms & moisturizers have blended flavors that are almost good enough to eat (keyword: almost) with super-moisturizing ingredients for delicious, hydrating lip care products that you’ll want to swipe on again and again (and again). Plus, our lip moisturizers are crafted with sustainably-sourced shea butter and nourishing coconut + jojoba oils for long-lasting hydration.

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