eos FlavorLab Lip Balm- Blackberry Hibiscus, Long-Lasting Hydration, Shea Lip Care Products, 0.39 oz, 2-Pack


Today’s flavor is Blackberry Hibiscus. Our Blackberry Hibiscus flavor tastes like blackberry jam folded into acai lemonade granita and drizzled with hibiscus syrup. One scoop or two?At the #eosflavorlab Scoop Shop we serve up some delicious treats inspired by the coolest trends in ice cream and sprinkled with awesome. eos lip balms moisturizers have blended flavors that are almost good enough to eat (keyword: almost) with super-moisturizing ingredients for delicious, hydrating lip care products that you’ll want to swipe on again and again (and again). Plus, our lip moisturizers are crafted with sustainably-sourced shea butter and nourishing coconut + jojoba oils for long-lasting, 24-hour hydration.

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