Benefiber On The Go Prebiotic Fiber Powder, Kiwi Strawberry, 5.28 Oz, 24 Ct


  • 24 kiwi strawberry-flavored powder stick packs of Benefiber On the Go Prebiotic Fiber Powder for Digestive Health
  • Dietary fiber powder that provides the daily fiber you need to promote digestive health (1)
  • Prebiotic supplement that nourishes the good bacteria in your gut to support your digestive system (1)
  • Fiber supplement made with wheat dextrin
  • Sugar free fiber powder supplement with a delicious kiwi strawberry flavor
  • Perfect to enhance your favorite smoothies or to dissolve in water (2)
  • Three times daily, mix the contents of a daily fiber powder stick into a non-carbonated beverage and stir well until fully dissolved, for age 12+

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