Beauty of Joseon Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser 100ml, 3.38 fl.oz


  • [Refreshing Cleanser] A gel-type cleanser containing oriental herbal ingredients such as plum water, plum extract, and mung bean extract. It protects the natural barrier of skin by maintaining oil and moisture balance while wiping away wastes
  • ​[Moist gel texture​] It’s a light gel that keeps your skin dry and hydrated even after you’ve washed it.
  • [Green Plum Water] It is recorded in Donguibogam that plum has an effect of restoring vitality as it has been used as herbal medicine since the ancient times. Citric acid and natural aha ingredients that are abundantly included in plum gently exfoliate dead skin cells and activate the skin turnover cycle to help shed old cells and grow new healthy skin cells.
  • [Mungbean ] It is said that during the Joseon Dynasty, mung beans were ground with red beans, beans, and rice bran and used as a cleanser because they are effective at removing dead skin cells and waste. Donguibogam records a prescription for washing your face with mung bean to make your skin clear as jade.

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