Anua Nano Retinol 0.3% + Niacin Renewing Serum, 30ml


  • [💗TATGET COMPLEX OF SKIN CONCERNS💗]: Addresses Wrinkles, Textured skin, Dark spots, and Enlarged pores by promoting skin cell turnover.
  • [⭐ANTI-AGING POWER⭐]: Activates Skin-cycling to promote Skin-regeneration and Collagen-generation, visibly reducing Wrinkles and Fine lines.
  • [✨PERFECT FOMULA FOR GLASS SKIN✨]: Features Retinol 0.11% and Niacinamide 5%, a potent duo that reduces the appearance of Acne scars and targets Textured skin and Enlarged pores.
  • [🍀GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE RETINOL🍀]: 20+ Soothing ingredients, including Ceramide, to maintain skin barrier integrity and smooth your skin.
  • [😀SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES😀]: Contains a low concentration of Retinol and isFragrance-free, ensuring compatibility with diverse skin types.
  • [📈GRADUAL INTRODUCTION📈] Begin use once every 2~3 days for the first two weeks to allow your skin to acclimate. After this period, daily use is recommended for optimal results.

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