XL Health Probiotic XL, 30ct


  • SHELF STABLE DIGESTIVE HEALTH SUPPORT – Contains patented DE111 strain that resists acidity, temperature changes and humidity to ensure maximal viability. This daily gut balancing blend does not need to be refrigerated.
  • PROMOTE MICROBIOME BALANCE – Made with the next generation of prebiotics – ClearPhage is a fast acting, patented bacteriophage cocktail allows healthy gut flora to thrive, which naturally limits the growth of other bacteria.
  • COMPLETE DEFENSE – Formulated with 11 of the most important probiotic strains that have been shown in clinical research to relieve occasional gas, bloating and irregularity while supporting a robust immune response and healthy digestion.
  • ULTIMATE DELIVERY – Delayed release capsule to ensure delivery of healthy bacteria to the colon, so live strains survive the deep gut journey to large intestines.
  • DAILY GUT REFRESH – Physician formulated for men and women alike this single on-the-go, daily supplement is non-GMO, and free of gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, peanut, and fish.

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