Himalaya MenstriCare for PMS, Menstrual Cramp Relief and Women’s Health, 800 mg, 120 Capsules, 1 Month Supply


Relieve Your Cramping and PMS Symptoms

Ayurveda believed that with the correct approach, the menstrual cycle should be barely noticeable. Himalaya MenstriCare supports and comforts you every month during your period with wise, time-honored ingredients that support emotional and hormone balance and reduce your cramping, fatigue and discomfort.

  • For the pain associated with your menstrual cycle
  • Relieve cramping and symptoms of PMS
  • Provides physical and emotional support during your period
  • Supports proper hormone utilization and balance in the female reproductive system
  • Vegan-friendly, plant-based support in a 100% vegetarian capsule. No wheat, corn, soy, gluten or dairy

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